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Black Diamond Venom Ice Axe (Adze)


Combining the technical precision of an ice tool with the classic alpine functionality of a piolet, the Black Diamond Venom ice axe is the one tool to have for technical ski mountaineering missions, classic glacier routes and moderate snow climbs with short cruxes. The Venom’s stainless steel head features a fully interchangeable pick design that is compatible with any Black Diamond pick. The integrated grip and asymmetrical angled shaft provide security and easy handling when swinging it like an ice tool, and a sliding FlickLock pommel offers an adjustable second grip for choking up on steep snow.

  • Stainless steel head with integrated adze or hammer

  • Interchangeable pick construction is compatible with all BD picks

  • Asymmetrical angled shaft with integrated grip for ergonomic handling

  • Hammer comes with Mountain Tech pick, Adze comes with Mountain Classic pick

  • Adjustable FlickLock pommel

  • Cen-B certified

Length           50cm, 57cm

Weight           (50cm)           Hammer 517g /Adze 514g

                       (57cm)           Hammer 547g /Adze 545g