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Majesty The Force Spherical


Ski goggles play an important part in skiing and other winter activities. They protect eyes from the elements, such as snow, wind, UV rays, while improving vision.

MAJESTY goggles are equipped with functions and features that make a huge difference in comfort and performance such as: quick-change lens system, multiply lens tints, anti-fog, anti-smudge and reflective coating.

They feature ergonomic design, frame/lens ventilated system, triple density foam and double lens that is made of 2 separate lenses put together.

Great for mountain adventures and ski touring. Supreme finishing and high-performance polarised lenses.

Our goggles, both styles - classic and magnetic, are equipped with replacement lenses.

The Force Spherical feature double silicone stripe on the goggle strap to keep your goggles in place.

The Force goggle features innovative magnetic technology that makes lens replacement incredibly fast and accurate.

Now, you can easily adapt to changing weather conditions.The Force uses magnetic precision and even when you don’t align the lens correctly, The Force will self-correct and ensure a perfect fit.You can even swap lenses without first taking off the goggles and with the goggle frame still strapped to your head, the magnetic force will ensure a secure, perfect lens fit and seal with the frame, every time. Nine magnets are placed in the frame while another set of nine magnets is placed in the lens. This ensures effortless self-alignment, a very secure lens to frame seal and the overall process of replacing the lens is much easier, faster and more accurate than ever before.

FOTON™ Photo-chromatic lenses are engineered to provide the best performance when skiing in variable conditions that would demand instant lens change. They get lighter when there is less light, and darker when the light is stronger, so that the lens self adjusts depending on the weather conditions.

All Majesty lenses are double lens (made of 2 separate lenses put together). Between the two lenses is a foam divider creating an air gap between the layers. This stops the inside lens becoming as cold which makes the goggles more resistant to steaming up. In photochromic versions, lenses with photo-chromatic feature are the ones closer to the face to perform better in cold temperatures. They are mechanically covered by protective clear lens or clear lens with revo reflective coating.

Reflective coating on the outside of the lens that creates a mirrored effect. This type of lens is good for partly cloudy and partly sunny weather as the reflective layer reduces glare from the snow.

















FOTON crystal revo lens VLT 13-52%% cat. 1-3

black pearl lens VLT 12% cat. 3

XENON HD rose revo lens VLT 75% cat. 1


fire opal lens VLT 14% cat. 3

citrine lens VLT 55% cat. 1