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Majesty Superwolf


Superwolf is the ultimate, multi-purpose ski to handle diverse conditions, fresh tracks and steep, technical lines.

We have equipped our new re-engineered skis with an early rise tail, rocker tip, semi-cap construction, paulownia wood core, triax and biax fiberglass.

It is a high performance ski mountaineering skis that usability has been increased with the longer contact edge and more control.

Construction and radius makes Superwolf stable at high speed and manoeuvrable in tight places.

Waist                         89-91mm

Lengths                     160, 166, 172, 178, 184

Construction            semi hybrid (camber/front early taper rocker)

Shape                        directional

Flex                            directional

Flex ratio                  7

Rocker type              220mm (tips)

Radius                       13-19m

Weight                       1150-1550g

Fiberglass                 triax & biax

Core                           paulownia wood core

Extras                        arched tails, textolite plates, re-designed tail for mounting skins