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Majesty Supernova Carbon


Majesty have equipped these new re-engineered skis with a flat tail, rocker tip, semi-cap construction, paulownia wood core, full carbon layup and carbon-aramid fibers.

This builds ultra-lightweight skis that support dynamic responsiveness and unmatched skiing stability even in the sketchiest weather and terrain conditions.

COT technology (cut-off tail). By reducing the tail length and moving the skier's stance back, they have created quicker turning and more versatile skis. The notable length and weight reduction was achieved without compromising any functionality. In fact Supernova’s usability has been increased - the longer contact edge allows you to ski even shorter skis than what has been previously considered functional.

Waist                         100-105mm

Lengths                    161, 169, 177, 185

Construction            semi hybrid (camber/front early taper rocker)

Shape                        directional

Flex                            directional

Flex ratio                  7

Rocker type              250mm (tips)

Radius                       17-22m

Weight                       1300-1620g

Fiberglass                 triax, full carbon/kevlar construction

Core                           paulownia wood core

Extras                        carbon/kevlar fibres, textolite plates, re-designed tail for mounting skins