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Salomon STH2 MNC 16 Binding

The STH2 MNC 16 ski binding by Salomon is a mixture of power and versatility with a customizable dampening platform. It retains its renowned safety and reliability standards, no matter the terrain or boot type.



  • TRANSMISSION - Extra-wide Toe pedal (>60mm): A super-wide pedal that ensures the best lateral power transmission from skier to ski. Designed for intense freeskiing, perfect stability and enhanced confidence.
  • SAFETY - 3D Driver Toe: A patented toe concept that ensures multidirectional release options.
  • CUSTOMIZATION: Dual Transfer Switch
  • TRANSMISSION - Progressive Transfer pads: Strengthening pads that provide progressive feel with increased dampening and forgiveness.
  • POWER - XL Wings: Long wings that envelop the tip of the boot perfectly in order to provide increased power transmission and confidence in freeride bindings.
  • POWER - Oversized heel platform: A super-wide platform for the heel enabling high levels of energy transfer even on wide skis.
  • POWER - Low profile Chassis: Low stand height for increased terrain feedback and enhanced power transmission.
  • SAFETY - Sliding Toe pedal: A specific pedal mounted on a spring that allows lateral movements and re-centering. It allows any normed boot to release out of the binding in case of a lateral fall.
  • SAFETY - +Elastic travel: The ultimate elastic travel on the wings. It holds the boot back when faced with bigger shocks and minimizes the risk of pre-release.
  • MAIN MATERIAL - Glass-Fiber PA: A dedicated polyamide reinforced with fiber-glass which makes bindings lighter, durable, and with more tolerance on skis.
  • MAIN MATERIAL - Steel: Super rigid, non-deforming material that meets racers’ expectations in terms of power and precision.
  • COMPATIBILITY & NORMS - TÜV: Binding tested and certified by the TÜV safety monitoring agency, the reference entity for safety certification.