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Sea to Summit TPU Accessory Case SML

The Sea to Summit TPU Accessory Case is a fully waterproof, strong, durable, flexible case, resistant to UV and extreme cold. It can be folded numerous times for pocket storage without cracking or discolouring. Designed with top corner anchor points for versatility.

Dimensions: 105 x 135mm

Weight: 18gm 

Totally welded construction - no stitching
Watertight roll-top closure
Welded seams
Anchor points
Convenient neck strap included
Flexible and crease resistant
Freeze proof - will not crack in extreme cold
High strength, PVC free TPU material
Note: TPU Accessory Cases use a double-Velcro roll-top system, and the TPU film makes it easier to achieve a watertight seal than conventional dry sacks. Properly sealed, they are waterproof enough for boating use (stopping short of full submersion). However be aware that any air trapped inside the case may condensate in the right conditions and may be sufficient to permanently damage or destroy sensitive electronics. It's a good idea to pack a desiccant (such as the silica gel packs which come in the original packaging with electronics) as a precaution.

Made From Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)