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Salomon N L10


Lightweight, easy to use and precise, L10 delivers great skiing with an automatic toe piece and proven reliability.

TheSalomon N L10 ski bindings provide lightness, precision, easy maneuverability, reliability, and a low profile to improve your training and performance in the practice of classic alpine skiing.

These Salomon bindings have a 3-10 DIN, ideal for lightweight skiers and intermediate level. Its low profile offers greater contact with the snow so you can feel the irregularities of the terrain.

The lightweight materials reduce vibrations and fatigue and increase precision. This classic ski binding has been tested in stress situations and has been shown to release quickly in a fall to avoid damages to the skier.

Lightweight materials help reduce skier fatigue.

Leisure: Lower DIN scale adapted to lighter, less aggressive skiers.

Terrain feedback: A low profile chassis puts the boot sole close to the ski for improved snow feel and terrain feedback.