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Salomon S/PRO 90 W


The Salomon S/Pro 90 women's ski boots run that fine line that appropriately balances both fit and performance. Salomon boots have come a long way over the past ten years or so, and it's impressive to see what they've done in terms of customizing fit and maintaining high-performance. The S/Pro line of boots features a 100-mm forefoot last and a bit more of a relaxed fit on top of the foot. This allows for better circulation, warmer feet, and quite simply more fun. If you can't feel your feet, then it's really not worth skiing at all. The custom shell and heat-moldable liner can all be baked together in a bootfitter's oven and custom-molded to your foot. If you need a bit more room, the boots can be expanded to fit up to a 106 mm width in the forefoot. This makes the boot very much able to fit a ton of feet, all while keeping the performance aspect of the boot totally intact. The 90-flex rating is really where the performance lies, and is a good option for intermediate and advanced skiers who are learning to perfect the carved turn. In addition, this stiffness is fine for all-mountain skiing from steeps and trees to bumps and groomers. For skiers looking for that fantastic blend of comfort, performance, and convenience, the Salomon S/Pro 90 women's ski boots are an amazing option.


  • Flex: 90

  • Width: 100 mm

  • Custom Shell

  • Moldable Liner

  • Alpine Soles

  • Four Buckle Design

  • Power Strap

  • Ability Level: Intermediate and Advanced Skiers