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Black Crows 2022 Camox Junior


The Words :

good handling accessible versatile

Description :

Behaviour on snow : Destined to the 14-18 years old, the Camox junior combines rapidity and vivacity with its short radius (16-17m). This ski has a good bearing capacity thanks to its 90 mm under foot. Its tolerant flex make it super accessible and catchy. It has a classic camber medium with a double rocker which allow a great handling ability and pivot move. A wild ski for young savages.

The nitty-gritty :

Intermediary float :90mm waist.

Double rocker:great handling, control and pivot.

Middle classic camber :classic camber under foot with intermediary ski/snow contact for a perfect balance between placement and handling.

Sharp sidelines and a 17m radius :good turning action, movement to carving is easy and rapid. Relatively short turn ski.

Tolerant flex :comfortable and accessible.

Technical specifications :

tip : 11.8 waist : 9.0 tail : 10.6 radius : 17 @157.3

tip : 11.8 waist : 9.0 tail : 10.8 radius : 17 @164.2

Construction :semi-cap construction.

Core :poplar wood core

Weight :2750 g / pair @157.3