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In 1998, former world boulder champion Mauro Calibani founded E9 as a clothing brand made for climbers by climbers. With passion, creativity and enthusiasm, E9 clothing maintains its authentic, bold and distinctive style in the climbing world today. Not only does this brand produce quality clothing made in Italy, but it embraces a sense of responsibility to contribute to the protection of nature and the planet. E9 shirts, tees, pants, and beanies are made from natural, organic or recycled fabrics.


E9 Summer 23/24 instore NOW!

E9 Rais $84.99
E9 Pamma $109.99
E9 Mia-Bb $219.99
E9 Marcin $329.99
E9 Lilbrush Sold Out
E9 E9T $79.99
E9 Giusy $269.99
E9 Cami $149.99
E9 Biro $89.99
E9 Anais $299.99
E9 Gli $34.99