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Dynafit Tigard 130


Solving the eternal dilemma between a boot that walks well and the supportive feel of a 4-buckle boot, the Dynafit Tigard 130 ticks all the boxes. The ultimate partner for the adventure seeking skiers, the overlapping construction and Grilamid plastics infused with carbon fibers offers high rigidity with a progressive flex, so you don’t skip a beat on the well-earned downhill descents. 70° range of motion is achieved thanks to the patented Hoji Lock System that merges the cuff and shell into one inseparable, interlocking unit you can transition between ski and walk mode easily with just one hand. The thermo-mouldable Dynafitter 15 liner comes with Primaloft insulation ensuring comfort and warmth even in the icier conditions. Fitted with sturdy Gripwalk soles and compatible with fully automatic crampons this offers up a high deal of traction on the more precarious touring ascents. Putting this all together in one boot the Tigard is sure to be your new best friend on the ski field or out in the backcountry.

Dynafit stats:

  • Fit: Medium
  • Flex:  130
  • Last: 101mm
  • Weight: 1550g (26.5cm)
  • ROM: 70°